I’ve been arrested

After all day traveling and an evening of fun playing poker with a couple guys from work, I decided at 9 pm MST to go back to my room and go to sleep.  Finally about 10.15 after unpacking and unwinding a little i fell asleep.  Then I hear this strange noise.  It’s the phone in my room.  They ask for somebody name Nick something or other.  I told them they had the wrong room.  Hang up and roll over.  not 10 sec later it rings again and they start talking. I yell at them tell them they’ve got the wrong room and slam the phone down. 

Then AGAIN the phone rings.  I pick up and say "WHAT".  They tell me to calm down and quit hanging up.  I’m half asleep don’t have my hearing aids in and only hear a few words…Mind you the few I did hear were important "step out into the hall there are police officers waiting for you".  I woke up then.  I said what room are you trying to call.  They said yours.  (at this point I’m sure its a prank).  I put the phone down (not hanging up) and go look out my peep hole.  I can’t see anyone.  I go back over pick up the phone and said there is no one standing outside my door.  He said I needed to do as I was told.

Now I’m starting to freak a little.  I’m more concerned it is someone outside going to do me bodily harm than police officers.  I get to the door take 3 deep breaths to try and calm my nerves and remember all of the self-defense stuff I’ve learned in my whopping 3 months of taekwondo. 

I slowly unlock the door in my white tshirt and blue addidas shorts and step out in the hall.  It was at this point I just about wet myself.  I hear a dog barking and anxious to run me down.  I see two tactical armor walls with officers behind each pointing guns at me at both ends of the hall.  I’m standing in the hall with my arms raised.  They are yelling at me what to do.  However, I’m still half asleep, don’t have my hearing aids in and trying to not freak out.  I don’t want that dog on me or to be shot.  I yell I don’t have my hearing aids in and cant hear you.  So finally they yell louder. 

I walk, slowly, toward the officer giving directions, as I’ve been instructed to do.  The dog is now no less than 10 feet from me barking in my ear.  He tells me to stop and turn around.  I do and then he says something again.  I tell him I can’t hear him and heaven knows I’m not about to guess what I think he’s telling me to do.  So the third time I hear him telling me to get on my knees.  I do and we repeat the situation again as he tries to get me to put my hands behind my back.

I’m on my knees, hands behind my back and that’s when I feel the cold steel lock on my wrists.  They stand me up and start asking what my name is and if there’s anyone else in the room.  I said not that I’m aware of and I’m Leo Crosby.  I just landed in Denver and drove here today.  As they get a key to open my room the officer takes my information down.  They are then able to confirm my information with my drivers license. 

They walk me back to my room and sit me on the bed, still in handcuffs.  I said may I please put my hearing aids in.  It was then they took the handcuffs off.  They told me that they have been tracking a guy that has been stealing cars in the area.  There is a stolen BMW out in the parking lot so they asked the clerk to view some sketches and poor photography.  She says its ME.    Turns out they were wrong. This guy is apparently armed and dangerous.  So much so they cleared the two rooms next to me before the process. 

I’m just now able to stop shaking from all the adrenaline that was pumped through my system.  So I think I’ll try and fall asleep.  I only have one question unanswered.  Do I get my hotel room free for the remainder of my stay for the inconvenience?  Hampton does have a 100% satisfaction guaranteed policy.

Who knows.  I’ll ask tomorrow.  I know the poor lady downstairs was only trying to help and wants nothing more than not to see my face tonight. 


5 Responses

  1. Wow. That is crazy and unbelievable. I can’t imagine that happening to me. I think i would be really angry for a while. Hopefully you’ll be able to laugh it off tomorrow. Sorry you had to deal with that alone.

  2. HOLY CRAP DUDE! That’s insane! Makes you not want to pursue a life of crime though, huh?!

  3. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!? Kyle told me about this and sent your blog because i didn’t believe it. holy cow. you poor thing! i can already hear LaDawna’s comments as you told her the story. hahaha. Glad you are safe and the dog didn’t bite ya.

  4. That’s crazy man I don’t think you look anything like the guy. I can’t wait till you own that hotel then I can stay there for free. Next time just to test your skills try fighting the police and roundhouse the dog. If you win I’m sure they will move you up a belt

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